​Prefabricated ​Panels

Prefabricated exterior wall panels offer many advantages. Unlock construction efficiency with Novinger’s Inc. Mega Panels.
Unlocking Efficiency, Building Excellence

Mega Panels, Your Construction Advantage
At Novinger’s Inc., we take immense pride in fabricating wall panels that serve as the cornerstone of efficiency for our clients in the construction industry. With an illustrious legacy spanning over five decades and a rich portfolio of mega panel projects in various finishes, we’ve become synonymous with excellence in unitized exterior wall panels.

What are Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels or Mega Panels?
Prefabricated wall panels represent meticulously crafted wall sections, created within a controlled indoor setting. In this environment, our dedicated team designs, measures, cuts, assembles, applies finishes, and rigorously tests each component to ensure a seamless fit for its intended purpose. As opposed to the traditional on-site framing and construction of wall panels, our mega panels, steel panel frames, and other building elements are expertly manufactured and subjected to inspection in our specialized workshop. This process of prefabricating exterior wall panels significantly enhances project safety, efficiency, quality, and adherence to schedules.

Why Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels from Novinger’s, Inc.?

From the initial concept to fabrication, transportation, and installation, our dedicated pros manage every facet of the process. Our commitment to quality is strengthened by a warranty, ensuring client trust and satisfaction.

LEEDS Experience

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Industry Leader

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Advantages of Prefabricating Exterior Wall Panels:

Rapid Enclosure of the Building Envelope

Shortened Overall Construction Duration

Simultaneous Construction with Steel Erection

Stringent Quality Control

Mitigation of Weather-Related Delays

Cost Reduction and Fewer Change Orders

Streamlined Trade Coordination

Reduced On-Site Accident Risk

Enhanced Material Efficiency with Minimal Waste

Typically Eliminates the Need for Scaffolding

Reduced Clutter on the Job Site

Minimal Staging Space Requirements

Novinger’s Inc. is your trusted commercial contractor for prefabricated exterior wall panels in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and West Virginia. Based on project specifics, we may extend our services to other states.

From Design to Fabrication

Using the project’s architectural and structural blueprints as a foundation, our skilled team generates detailed shop drawings. These drawings undergo a thorough review process, incorporating necessary modifications as directed, and ultimately garnering approval from both the architect and a structural engineer before beginning the fabrication phase.

To ensure the durability and weather-resistance of our panels, we often construct mock-up panels, subjecting them to rigorous testing by external consultants prior to finalizing our shop drawing designs.

In our large, climate-controlled fabrication facility, we orchestrate the layout and assembly of the panels, along with the application of various finishes. For most projects, steel panel frames are expertly welded together on precision jigs, fortified by the addition of cross members. Subsequently, layers of sheathing, insulation, and finishes, or prefab sections as stipulated in the architectural plans, are integrated into the framework.

Window receivers and trims may be affixed either within the fabrication shop or post-panel placement on the building structure.

Throughout the production journey, our shop foremen inspect each panel at every stage, assuring impeccable quality control. Thorough checklists are maintained to monitor progress and address any deficiencies promptly should they arise.

From Trucking to Exterior Wall Panel Installation

Our design team collaborates with the general contractor or construction manager to determine the optimal panel installation sequence tailored to the attributes of each project.

Upon completion, these high-quality mega panels are methodically stacked in their designated installation order on trailers and securely shrink-wrapped with heavy plastic. This allows for the convenient storage of loaded wall panels for short durations, waiting for transport to the job site.

Once on-site, a precision crane unloads the wall panels, and under the watchful eye of our installation foremen, they are expertly fastened to the building frame. This process includes meticulous oversight of panel hanging, attachment, and caulking, ensuring the final product not only meets but surpasses the building specifications.

The prefabricated exterior wall panels manufactured in our workshop can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any commercial building.

A Closer Look

Panel Types and Finishes

Our expertise extends across an extensive spectrum of wall types and external cladding components. Our track record includes the successful completion of mega panels featuring EIFS, aluminum composite panel (ACM) material, thin brick, stone veneer, a diverse array of metal sidings, and insulated metal panel materials available in various widths and textures. Moreover, we’ve undertaken projects involving ACM and siding integrated with insulated metal panels, often incorporating integral furring systems to further enhance performance and aesthetics.

​First Impressions Matter

​Restore. Renew. Refresh.

​At Novinger's, we understand that a building's exterior is its first impression. With our century-long legacy in specialty commercial contracting, we proudly champion the principles of Restore. Renew. Refresh. Partner with us to ensure your organization's image stays vibrant and current, as we specialize in maintaining and enhancing the exterior appearance of commercial buildings.