​Interior ​Finishes

Novinger’s Inc. offers a range of interior finishing services, from drywall and plastering to acoustical ceilings and light gauge framing.
Elevating Commercial Spaces with Precision and Innovation

At Novinger’s Inc., our dedication to excellence echoes through every aspect of interior finishes for commercial spaces. Our expertise extends across a spectrum of services, from the foundational craftsmanship of drywall and plastering to the sophisticated installations of acoustical ceilings and cutting-edge light gauge metal framing systems.


Drywall and plastering are at the heart of our expertise, rooted in our construction industry legacy since 1928. Setting us apart from the rest, our skilled drywall crews navigate projects with finesse, from uniform-sized rooms to intricate designs featuring drops, splays, and curves. Under the experienced guidance of our superintendents and foremen, we guarantee excellence at every stage, ensuring a flawless finish from framing and hanging to taping, finishing, and final inspection. Our proficiency spans a spectrum of finishes, from standard to the precision of a level five finish, promising smooth surfaces even under critical lighting conditions. With certified experts for overhead work, our team ensures safety and efficiency with the use of scaffolding.

Acoustical Ceilings

Novinger’s Inc. stands as your premier partner in acoustical ceilings for commercial spaces. Our acoustical solutions seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, offering a cost-effective means to control sound and enhance the visual appeal of your environment. From auditoriums to public spaces, our dedicated ceiling crews install acoustical materials designed to elevate sound transmission. Whether it’s sound baffles, acoustical ceiling tiles, full-height partitions, or sound-absorbing room barriers, our comprehensive solutions exceed expectations. Proven expertise in standard laser-leveled grid and tile systems ensures your acoustical ceiling is not just met but surpassed.

Light Gauge Metal Framing

Discover the future of interior wall construction with Novinger’s Inc. as we master the art of building with cold-formed light gauge metal framing systems. Revolutionizing the industry, this versatile material replaces traditional wooden studs, offering efficiency, speed, and structural strength. Our skilled team, well-versed in intricate designs and architectural specifications, ensures your vision comes to life with precision. Light gauge metal framing provides limitless design possibilities, coupled with adaptability and design freedom. The non-combustible and durable nature of light gauge steel structures meets code requirements and guarantees long-term structural integrity, making it a cost-efficient choice for your commercial projects.

Novinger’s Inc. is your premier specialty contractor for commercial projects in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, or West Virginia. Reach out to discuss your drywall, acoustical ceilings, and light gauge metal framing work today!


​Commercial Pre-Bid Inquires Welcome

​General Contractors, Project Managers, Architects, and Building Owners are invited to make pre-bid inquiries. At Novinger’s Inc., transparency is key – we offer comprehensive information, including a project portfolio, financial references, proof of bonding capacity, and any requested prequalification documents. Trust us to handle your projects with the expertise and dedication that defines Novinger’s Inc.