​Project ​Estimating

Specializing in contracting for commercial construction projects, the Novinger’s Inc. estimating process aligns with industry best practices.
Our Estimating Process

With years of experience, our estimating procedure aligns seamlessly with industry best practices. We handle project plans, specs, and addenda in-house, showcasing our commitment to precision and our years of industry expertise. Pre-bid inquiries are encouraged, and we provide project lists, financial references, bonding capacity proof, and any required prequalification documents. Operating in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and West Virginia, we may extend our services to other states based on project specifics.

Request an Estimate

Bid Requests

Send bid announcements to estimating@novingergroup.com.

Our team diligently reviews project information, determining our bid feasibility. Ensure bid announcements reach us well in advance for thorough project document review, pre-qualification completion, and assembling a competitive bid.

Novinger’s Inc. specializes in subcontracting for commercial construction projects. Our expertise covers prefabricated exterior wall panels (megapanels), fireproofing, light gauge metal framing, drywall, plastering, and acoustical ceilings, specialty ceilings and acoustical panels.

Next Steps
If our bid succeeds, our preconstruction coordinator initiates contract review, preparing submittals and essential documents. Trust Novinger’s Inc. for a streamlined and meticulous construction experience!

Explore our capabilities in CSI Subdivision areas:

054000 Cold-Formed Metal Framing

061600 Sheathing

072100 Thermal Insulation
072413 EIFS

074213 Formed Metal Panels

074216 Metal Composite Wall Panels
078100 Applied Fireproofing
092216 Non-Structural Framing

092900 Gypsum Board

095113 Acoustical Panel Ceilings

​Prefabricated Panels

​From Design to Installation

​Trust our meticulous process for durable and weather-resistant panels, available in various finishes. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your commercial building with our expertise in prefabricated exterior wall panels.