​What ​We Do

We specialize in designing, prefabricating, and installing exterior wall panels, fireproofing, ceilings, light gauge metal framing, drywall, and plastering. Our customer-centric approach drives our work, ensuring precision, integrity, and continual progress.
Elevating Excellence in Construction

Over the years, Novinger’s Inc. has witnessed the evolution of materials, construction methods, market conditions, and contract terms. However, our commitment to delivering quality products and craftsmanship remains unwavering. With nearly a century of experience, we have the people, resources, and knowledge required for each project. Choose Novinger’s Inc. for a construction partner with a rich legacy and a contemporary approach to excellence.

Prefabricated Panels

Prefabricated exterior wall panels offer many advantages. Unlock construction efficiency with Novinger’s Inc. Mega Panels.


Preserve the integrity of your buildings with Novinger’s Inc. Fireproofing expertise. Over 50 years of experience in applied fireproofing.

Interior Finishes

Novinger’s Inc. offers a range of interior finishing services, from drywall and plastering to acoustical ceilings and light gauge framing.


Novinger’s Inc. brings expertise to every area of specialty contracting, including specialty ceilings, acoustical panels, plastering and plaster restoration.


​Explore Our Projects

​Our portfolio encompasses prefabricated exterior wall panels, fireproofing, acoustical ceilings, light gauge metal framing, drywall, and plastering. From medical facilities and government buildings to schools, office buildings, military bases, retail spaces, casinos, resorts, and tenant fit outs, our expertise spans various industries.